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Basic Car Maintenance Tips

Having a car can make your life much more comfortable. You get to go almost everywhere you want, conveniently. However, just like our bodies, cars need proper maintenance for them to serve us well. Proper car maintenance enhances performance and reliability, improves safety, saves you future expensive repair costs, increases the resale value, leads to a cleaner environment, and reduces cases of roadside emergencies. There are basic car maintenances you can do on your own and benefit largely. Below are some car maintenance tips necessary for every vehicle.


car fixRegular Inspection

Learn to inspect your vehicle regularly. The manual of the car indicates all instructions including basic car maintenance. Your manufacturer knows the car better than anyone else. Learn to do the inspection and when to do it personally. Inspection is simply checking all parts and components of your car to decide on your next steps. It helps you know what needs repair or replacement and how urgent this is. For basic replacements and repairs, you can do them on your own and have a professional help you for complex cases.

With the manual, car inspection should be an easy task. The more you do the inspections, the better your understanding of your car.


Tires Pressure

Tire pressure largely impacts comfort, handling, and fuel economy. From the manual, you will know the right tire pressure for your car. Make it a routine to check tire pressure at least once in every two days. If your car comes with a pre-installed tire pressure monitor, you are lucky. If not, you can get some devices which connect to your mobile phone and alert you in case your car tires need more air.


Know About the Light Indicators

There are different light indicators on the instrument panel of your car. Each of this serves as a warning sign of something different.

The check engine light shows a problem with the different parts of the car’s motor which are connected to over four thousand OBD-II codes. On the other hand, service engine light tells you that you are close to maintenance you have scheduled. Brakes are warning light could be indicating that you have engaged your brakes, or you need to top up your brakes fluid.

There are other warning lights which you need to understand. You can always refer to the manual or the company’s website for a deeper understanding of what each of these lights means.


Check Below the Car’s Hood

The bonnet hosts most of your car’s important parts. You need to keep checking these parts on a regular basis. The car needs fluids for effective performance. The best thing is that most of these fluids can be easily checked using a dipstick which comes with the car. Regularly check the level of engine oil to ensure that the engine lasts longer. Look for any fraying, wear or tear on the belts.


car machineCleaning

Wash your car regularly to keep it clean. This is something you can easily do at home. It protects your health and keeps the car looking good.

With these tips, you will maintain your car better and probably save a coin. Also, drive carefully as careless driving damages the car and risks your own life.…