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Proven Tire Maintenance Tips

Tires are essential components of vehicles designed to enhance the performance of vehicles on the road and ensuring that both the occupants and their equipment are protected. Tire failure is one of the major issues that affect drivers and car owners. Some of the tire failures are caused by overloading, under inflation, and damage from potholes, curbs, and debris.

One can avoid these issues by taking care of his/her vehicle and adopting careful, effective tire maintenance strategies such as regular tire inspection. Taking care of your car tires can also maximize profitability through fuel savings. It has been found that under-inflated tires can reduce gas mileage of a vehicle by 0.3% for every PSI. This write-up is going to share the useful tips that can help you keep your car tires in good shape.

Inspect Your Tires

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You should check the tire pressure of your car every month. You might be surprised to know that a tire loses one PSI of air pressure per month or more than this during cold weather. Again, most of the tire-related crashes are caused by under-inflated tires. It is, therefore, important to check the tire pressure regularly. This will ensure that both you and your family are safe. Car owners or drivers can use their manuals to find the most appropriate tire pressures for their cars. Checking the car pressure is one of the essential car maintenance tips.

Tire Inspection

Hitting an object like a sharp rock can lead to tire damage. Sometimes the tire might look fine, but its interiors might be damaged. Tire inspection is the best way of accessing if there is any internal damage and checking wheel alignment. Tire threads should also be inspected. Side slippage is one of the main issues that increase tread wear. High-speed vibration is one of the classic signs of unbalanced wheels. Suspension problems can also cause the tire to shake even at low speeds. Worn car tires require immediate replacement.

Avoid Overloading Your Vehicle

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Every vehicle has a maximum weight that it can safely handle. Risky driving practices and overloading are some of the bad habits that cause tire wear and failure. For this reason, drivers should monitor their driving habits. Ideally, you should avoid overloading your vehicle. Hard cornering and excessive braking can produce excessive friction heat on the car tires. This, in turn, leads to tread and tire wear.

Practice Tire Rotation

Learning how to rotate your car tires is an effective way of repositioning them and reducing tire wear. Drivers are advised to rotate their car tires after every 8000 miles. Some reliable local tire stores are known for providing free tire rotation to their customers.…